I was online earlier today when I stumbled across an old memory – via a picture – of the 1933 movie poster for the film King Kong.  When I was younger, somehow or another I procured a copy of this  same poster.  Though I do not know whatever happened to my copy, I still hold an affinity for both the design of that advert and the film itself.

I always felt sorry for Kong.  I mean… think about it.  A creature is minding his own business on a distant island, when one day man decides to capture the beast and display it to the world for profit – not unlike our modern day zoos.  Kong never asks to be thrust into the limelight, so when he is brought to America (New York City of all places) and through chance circumstances runs amok, man has no choice but to gun him down.  

Still, the sheer spectacle of a mammoth gorilla atop the Empire State Building being shot at by planes while holding a screaming damsel (portrayed by the stellar Fay Wray) made for riveting entertainment in 1933, and holds up today as well.  I have gathered several different articles below about the sensational Kong – The Eighth Wonder of the World.  Enjoy!! 

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April 16, 2019

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